Friday, November 27, 2009

Beauty in my Mailbox

Today my friend Dave sent me a link to this article by Maira Kalman.
I love farmers. And I love writers. And since I was busy celebrating Thanksgiving with the Hare Krishnas and my wonderful host family down here in Mississippi (which I also loved), I figured I'd take a moment today to send out my gratitude to you all as well.
Thanks for reading, and for your warm emails and funny comments and for generally letting me know that what I do is interesting and of value in the world.
Thank you for being the kind of people I miss, the kind of people I can tell stories about, the kind of people that make me simultaneously want to stay -stay and hug your children, pick your plants, craft beautiful homes and meals and medicines and memories together- and go, so that I can learn enough, gain enough experience and common sense and direction to do so.
Much joy to you all - joy and thanksgiving!

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