Personalized Ceremonies & Rituals

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In today's culture, we often feel disconnected from the natural world and our part in it. Increasingly, we are at a loss for how to reconnect with our spiritual selves. With a BA in Counseling and Transpersonal Psychologies and a background in therapeutic and multicultural teaching, women's studies, and traditional wisdom and spiritual traditions, I draw on a variety of healing and joyous traditions in my work. I look forward to supporting you as you walk your own life's path.

Honoring our life journeys through personalized ceremony and ritual is a sacred and powerful way to recognize and celebrate the work we put into being human. By acknowledging important transitions and events, we celebrate our own growth, as well as our role in the greater collective.

It's a blessing to guide and take part in such intimate moments of transformation and healing, and an honor to support you in your journey. As an intuitive herbalist and healer, I use a variety of methods to help you discover and craft your own meaningful experiences. Through discussion, aromatherapy, guided imagery, meditation, music, touch healing, divination, painting, and more, we create a sacred, safe space to feel, heal, and love.

The following are just some of the times when personalized ceremonies or rituals can be helpful:

Energy Clearings: Cleansing old/"toxic" energy, dedicating a new home/peace garden/work space, creating altars ...

Life Cycle Changes:  Births, deaths, menarche, pregnancy, menopause ...

Relationship Changes: Celebrating new beginnings, ending old patterns, "closing the circle", commitment ceremonies, growing the family ...

Personal Growth: Changing thought patterns, ending addictions, learning to trust,  embracing change ...

Holidays and Seasonal Shifts

Examples of custom rituals include: "Welcoming Home My Inner Child," "Melting the Inner Wall" and "Letting Go."

For more information or an initial consultation, please call me at (802) 587-7931, or email I look forward to working with you!


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