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About the Wise Woman:

Jessica LaBrie is a Wise Woman, educator, integrative herbalist and aromatherapist. She offers holistic wellness consultations, Nature-based education, and sacred healing blends for wellness and joy. 

A Green WitchJessica has trained and taught throughout the world, spending several years traveling and giving botanical medicine and healing to those in need, from the streets of New Orleans to the Mayan jungles of Mexico. Her awareness of and reverence for the planet and nature is present in all she does.

Jessica began her training as a young girl, when her father taught her to dowse and to feel for ley lines and Earth energy as they walked the fields and woods of New England. She received her BA in Transpersonal and Counseling Psychology from Burlington College in 2006, and founded Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals in 2009.

With almost two decades of teaching experience and a background creating custom curriculum for special learners, she specializes in creating fun and meaningful ways for children and adults alike to connect with nature and balance their bodies.

Grounded in the Wise Woman tradition of herbalism and guided by Transpersonal and Jungian psychology, her work incorporates a host of botanical, healing, and spiritual traditions, including Ayurveda, folk medicine, plant communication, and Green Wisdom. 

Jessica meets with clients in her home apothecary and in the community, visiting homes, gardens, coffee shops, schools, and places of worship - anywhere where people are ready to welcome the wisdom of the Earth into their lives. Her sacred perfumes are treasured healing talismans for those who wear them; in addition to those blends she offers wellness counseling, personalized rituals, apprenticeships, and workshops and classes throughout the community.

Jessica is dedicated to aiding people on their sacred life journeys and guiding them to their most authentic selves. Jessica shares her undivided connection to the Divine with joy, honesty, and validation of the hard and beautiful work it takes to be Real.

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