Sacred Perfumery and Custom Aromatherapy

What is a Sacred Perfume?
Simply put, a sacred perfume is a unique healing fragrance ritually blended just for you; a magical aromatic talisman to aid you on your Journey through the darkness and into the light.

These 'blessings in a bottle' are the most sought-after products I make, and one of the most loving gifts you'll ever give yourself.

More than just your trademark scent, Spiritual Perfumes are layered with aromatherapeutic properties to help you overcome whatever challenges you are facing and access your inner wisdom. Over the course of our consultation, either over the phone or in person, we will explore where you are on your Path, what scents you are drawn to, memories, your personality, and more.

Since very blend I make is a work of intention and love, and no two are ever exactly alike – just like the plants that they are made from, and the people who use them. I organically grow and sustainably wild-craft my botanicals with gratitude for the Earth and my customers, and source the highest vibration essential oils. Custom blended individually out of aromatics, insight, and prayer, I bless each one before it leaves my hands and enters your life, that it may serve you well and help you achieve your highest calling. 

You ARE a hero, and you are on a quest. Use your Sacred Perfume for guidance as you walk Life’s Path. It will anoint you as your truest self. With love and healing energy, from my hands to yours,
Blackbird’s Daughter

Call (802) 578-7931 to create yours. 

Some feedback from happy clients:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you... I love it!"

"This is my absolute favorite perfume. I love how it changes on my skin."

"Jessica's perfumes are like magic, a special blend of hers led me through some dark dealings, right back to the happy, healthy person I am again. I would absolutely recommend anything she makes!"

"Jessica has heart of gold and the unique organic relaxation synergy oil she developed for my clients
undergoing laser treatments is superb. Thank you!"

Business and Wholesale Customers
Are you a massage therapist, spa owner, or mental health counselor? Enrich your clients' experience with a hand-crafted Massage Blessing Oil or Aromatherapy Synergy, designed and packaged specifically to support your healing work. For more information, call (802) 578-7931. 

Blackbird's Daughter is committed to helping you and the environment by using ingredients that are environmentally friendly, fair trade, and/or local, and by supporting sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship worldwide. 

My botanicals are cultivated or wild-crafted with integrity and I use organic and ethically-sourced essential oils. You will never find synthetic fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, foaming agents, detergents, or sulfates in any of my products. All products (excepting those with beeswax) are vegan; beeswax-based items (lotions, salves, lip balms) can be made vegan upon request. 

Blackbird's Daughter products are proudly tested on family and friends, not animals. 

Please note that while all products are lovingly crafted and carefully formulated for optimum wellness and joy, they should not be used to diagnose or cure any illness, nor as an substitute to consulting with your health care provider of choice.

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