Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hark, A Vagrant

Every so often I find a comic artist who's work I really, really love. Kate Beaton of Hark, A Vagrant (pictured here with her Younger Self) is one of those few amazing online critters who I've been reading for years.
Not only does she write hilarious historical comics, she has a wicked grasp of facial expressions, is fantabulously self-deprecating, and is also, I'm pretty sure, far more brilliant than any of us will ever be. No offense to us... she just rocks.

And no, I sadly don't know her, I just felt like it was time for one of those plugs I sometimes get around to. I mean, seriously. Is this not the most amazing Tesla comic ever?
Napoleon, the Brontes, Nietzsche...Pretty much any historical personage I know anything about I learned from Hark, A Vagrant, then realized I didn't know anything about and decided to do some research on ... alright, fine, True Confession Time: sometimes I just read the comics and laugh, even though I don't know what the bleep she's on about; they're that good.

Do I get extra internet geek points for that?

PS, Kate Beaton if you're reading this, please do one of Margaret Sanger! (Or Charles Dodgson if he's not too creepy...)

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