Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New York and back...

I'm back from a quick visit to Ithaca, where I met with holistic healer, wild-crafter, and herbal teacher 7Song, who runs the Northeast School of Herbal Medicine. Though about to depart for Nicaragua to work in a free clinic for a bit, 7Song was kind enough to chat with me for a while on the phone before inviting me over to meet in person - and who can turn down an offer like that? So off I went.

I'm not sure where my herbal journeys will take me next, but it felt like a real honor to meet someone I've heard so much about from so many herbalists whose work I respect, from David at the Rosemary House to Darrell at Blue Boy Herbs. There are so many different styles of herbalism, from the strongly scientific to eclectic to intuitive and on, but people seem to honor and recognize strong healers and practitioners for the work they do, despite - and sometimes because of - their myriad differences.

Thanks and praise to the medicine makers, healers, and plant-tenders who share beauty, health and knowledge as a way of life. The world needs you.

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