Sunday, January 10, 2010

'Resolutions' Part II

Hey, umm, guys?

These resolution things are kind of trickier than I thought.

Just sayin'.

On a slightly-related note, one of my loverly grandmothers is teaching me to knit. (The other one is attempting to teach me common sense. Please wish them both patience.) I only mention this because it explains why when I think about self-improvement strategies my brain fills with phrases like "wrap up your loose ends" and "even out your stitches."
It's not a handicrafting metaphor, but my mother also suggests that I should add "overbooking" to my list of jetison-worthy activities.

Consider it done, oh Maternal Font of Wisdom.

Or at least added. Easier attempted than accomplished, but like they say, a long-ass row begins with a single knit. Or perl.
Or something.

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