Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From the Farmer's Mouth

Farmer Dave and his faithful friend Duke
My friend (and one of my favorite organic farmers!), Dave Dietz, had this to say about the effects of GMO alfalfa:
This is incredibly important to the integrity of organic foods, especially the dairy and beef industries. Because bees pollinate alfalfa, and they travel for miles, there is no possible way GMO alfalfa can be kept from contaminating organic alfalfa, and thus ruining its economic value. It is beyond belief that any fair minded person would even consider the possibility of allowing GMO alfalfa. Please speak out now.
Scott and I wrote a quick blurb about cross-contamination over at our newspaper blog Seacoast to Coast, but I'm embarrassed to say I'd forgotten to write about the BEES! It's always good to get a farmer's perspective on these things. 

For more back story on how I met Dave and my adventures last year in rural Pennsylvania, including my visit to his parents' Mennonite church, killing my first rooster, and meeting some truly amazing women, check out the "Wonder What She Wrote About..." sidebar to the right and click on "Dietz Family Farm." Enjoy!

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