Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring 2012

Rye Beach, New Hampshire after sunset.

Welcome to Blackbird's Daughter, and happy spring!

My name is Jessica Bellantone, and I'm an intuitive healer and educator. My current specialty is spiritual aromatherapy, so I spend lots of time immersed in my ever-expanding collection of organic essential oils, mixing intricate perfumes and on-the-spot blends to enrich the lives of those around me.

For those of you new to the Blackbird's Daughter blog, this is the place where I chronicle and reflect on many of my inspirations, ideas, and adventures. I've played with Blackbird's Daughter in a variety of formats over the past three years, using it a a template and tool to develop my skills as a healer and explore my path's myriad directions. Part dream, part business, and part fairy-tale, it's been a fairly rolicking, frequently haphazard journey, filled with the kinds of glorious encounters and hilariously rueful life-lessons that seem worth sharing, nestled between pages of all-natural products and workshops. Updates come sporadically, at best, when I tear myself away from my many projects and passions long enough to write about them!

The past few seasons have been busy ones, filled with lots of changes and new ideas germinating and starting to sprout. As always, my biggest focus, both personally and professionally, is following my life's path wherever it leads, despite - and because of - it's twists and turns. The scenery is nothing if not fantastic!

I'm so glad you've come to visit! Look around, have fun, and stay in touch. I look forward to working with you soon. Thank you for exploring with me, and many blessings,
   Blackbird's Daughter

photos by Scott P Yates Photography

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