Thursday, January 30, 2014

NOFA Winter Conference

Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals will be at the 12th Annual NOFA-NH Winter Conference's Green Market Fair this weekend, Feb 1 & 2, at Rundlett Middle School in Concord, NH. This year's theme is We Are All Farmers: Seeding a Common Soil. For more information about Keynote Speakers and the full conference schedule go to

In honor of Valentine's Day, I've blended a few new products that are a delightful mix of the Sacred and...dare I say it....Profane!
dare you to try it!

PLUS, some very special new (and/or newly streamlined) services and items:

Herbal Services
-Custom Herbals (includes 5 minute mini-consult/blending lesson)
   -tea blends and DIY tincture blends ($10)
   -herb-infused honeys with raw NH honey ($15)
   -DIY bitters blends ($15) 
-$1 a minute holistic wellness consults* (pre-register by text at (802) 578-7931 or sign-up at the booth)

Aromatherapy Services
-$30 custom aromatherapy blends (includes 5 minute consult and essential oil pendant)* (sign-up at booth)

Small-Batch and Limited-Edition Herbal & Aromatherapy Products
-Woman In Winter healing perfume, for seasonal: anxiety/self-doubt, mood & hormonal challenges, and general difficulty nourishing oneself ($20/pendant, $40/perfume bottle)
-Thyme In A Bottle healing perfume pendants, for accessing old memories to make peace and let go of the ones that don't serve and recall the ones that do ($16)
-Crystal-infused wild Reishi tincture ($14/ounce)
-Wildcrafted Ringing Cedar Salve ($8)
-DIY Herbal Kits (night-time tincture & homemade vanilla extract ($15)
-Bourbon Vanilla Extract ($8/ounce)
-Wild Whiskey Bitters ($8/ounce)
-Tropical Vacay aromatherapy bath salts, for unwinding in the midst of Winter ($5),
...and of course...
-Magical Lover's Massage Drops (including Love You Ylang Ylang Thyme and Morning (sandal) Wood) ($6/each, $10/2-pack)
-F__k Majik, a powerful aphrodisiac cologne oil to be worn at your own risk of pleasure ($65)

...I did say sacred and profane, right? SEE YOU AT THE CONFERENCE, heehee!!

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