Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Spring!

Sacred sage and poke on the kitchen windowsill
We may be in for one more good blow of Winter today, despite being almost a full week into spring, and I'm hearing some rumblings among the masses. 
I get it. We're all starved for warmth and sunlight and vitamin D and Mama Earth energy.
We are a hardy bunch, us Yankees, and even we are at our peaked end. Perhaps you feel you just cannot take another shoveling out the car. Perhaps you already put away your heaviest jacket in a fit of magical thinking. Perhaps the extended cold has left you feeling as emotionally vibrant as the last mealy apple in the bottom of the fridge.
Again, I get it. 
So here's some good news, in no particular order:

~The tiny yellow Aconite flowers that peak out through the snow by my mother's doorway are here.
~I put out a bird feeder two weeks ago and each day we have more visitors - chickadees, cardinals, sparrows, and someone that I think is a tufted titmouse (though the man of the house says that's just because I like saying the words "tufted titmouse").
~Yesterday I went for a wander down the lane to nibble some pine sap and hug a tree and stroke the newly uncovered moss, and Every Puddle I jumped in was thawed. Every single one. You'd better believe I went back for second jumpsies. I got myself such a good running start, I practically dove in.
first puddle of the season
~And finally, as a reminder of just how precious and lovely our planet is, I present to you... Us. On the Vernal Equinox. From Space.   With love,
Blackbird's Daughter

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