Saturday, May 10, 2014

Newburyport Healing Arts Craft Fair

A big, huge happy "thank you!" to the people who came out to join us in Newburyport today! My dear friend (and frequent inspiration) Jenny from Soothey Designs invited me to share a booth space with her, and just look at how cute it was! 

We ran into a bunch of friends, including the uber-talented woodworker Steve McPhee (the man in yellow in the above picture). He makes the gorgeous crystalized wooden raised garden beds that I've used as a booth at some of my shows. They are incredibly beautiful and he brought one to show off... you can see pictures of them here on facebook

As all you loyal customers and clients know, I love switching up the things I offer at each show. Since leaving the Herbal Path to run Blackbird's Daughter full-time, I've been using shows and fairs to stretch my creative wings and play with lots of different ideas and projects (kombucha and love potions, anyone?!). Today I played it easy with minimal prepared products, focusing instead on custom aromatherapy and holistic wellness consultations, with a few impromptu weed walks thrown in! It was so much fun, and I loved seeing all the happy faces, especially the wee ones! 

If you missed seeing the Soothey-Blackbird's Daughter power duo in action, don't worry - we had such a great time, we're already busy plotting our next adventures together, so stay tuned!

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