Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We've Moved to Williston, Vermont!

It's true! Vermont is where I began my herbal studies, and I've held a warm spot in my heart for the Green Mountains ever since.

So it's no real surprise that this Winter I finally moved back (husband, cat, sacred sage plant and all)! Of course, the apothecary came too, bundled into rubbermaid bins and glass jars, and somehow nothing spilled or broke, and so we're all here, green folks, two-leggeds, and one very loud four-legged, too, all happily living nine minutes down the road from the same cabin I started this blog from all those years ago.

With seven acres of ferny woods to play in, we're all eagerly awaiting the final frost so we can see who our green neighbors will be! The pine, spruce, birch, and maple are all host to a variety of mushrooms, from turkey tail to tinder conk, and we've crossed paths with owls, deer, coyotes, fisher, ermine, and chipmunk.

As I hiked up the hill to gather pine needles and mushrooms to help fight off a rager of a spring cold, I marveled at the magic that once again brings my own Hero's Journey to the place where I started from, changed but the same, to continue the work I love - teaching, blending Sacred Perfumes, and counseling people on their Sacred Life Journeys. 
Life is good - and the warm weather is almost here!

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