Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boston, MA

So I'm in Boston, and once again posting in the middle of the night.
It's been an interesting visit so far, and I'm looking forward to visiting the Mount Auburn Cemetery, where all the different kinds of trees are labeled. Just think: labeled trees and a cemetery, all in one place!
I really enjoy a good graveyard; the way the stones lichen over and the light coats the tops of the monuments, throwing the carvings into bass relief. I like struggling to make out the epitaphs and old-fashioned names on the weathered granite markers; like reading all the bits of poetry and psalms and hints about the people whose bodies I'm walking above. I also like how there are no crowds. Well, I suppose there are, but they do tend to keep quiet.
(That reminds me of the scene in The Meaning of Life when Death comes to the dinner party and tells the dead Americans to "shut up!" As Richard likes to say, "Ahh, good times.")
On an unrelated note, I tried caviar today. The verdict: fishy and salty, with a mildly fun sort of "pop!" to it. But I didn't eat the salmon mousse.
Speaking of food (and when am I not?), here's some more fun with fruit:

Bananas really lend themselves to faces. And quotations. I bet they'd be a great canvass for pin-

An added update: I never did end up going to the Cemetery. But I had a bang-up time exploring Mission Hill, the Museum of Fine Arts, some parks, an inter-tribal Pow Wow, and even a giant outdoor folk-song sing-along celebration called RiverSong, led by the Cambridge Revels, to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. And I met a bunch of really amazing ones, to boot!

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