Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wild Mint Drink & "Name That Plant!" Game (now with prizes - hot dog!!)

Papa's Rum and Coconut with Wild Mint
1 shot dark rum
juice of 1/2 key lime
1/2 cup coconut water
several mint leaves

Shake (or stir) together first four ingredients. Crush mint leaves between fingers and rub around the rim of a cold glass (kitchy 1950s style, if possible). Add mint to drink, stir to incorporate, and pour into glass. Garnish with fresh mint and lime, if desired. Taste, make one for your wife and daughter, bask in complements. Drink and repeat.

So, the mint used in this drink - the one you see in the picture - is actually wild spearmint, which grows around the outdoor tub. We used to have tons of peppermint, too, but that seems to have disappeared (an almost unheard-of phenomenon with mint).

This lends itself to the question "Is something considered wild if it's a volunteer/not native to the area"? Others might disagree, but I say "Yes, totally!"


And now that I have a camera, it's time for tonight's round of.....

NAME THAT PLANT! (or fungus)

Tonight's theme is Things that Grow in Boggy New England Forests. Take a look at these gorgeous mystery specimens, and leave a comment if you think you know what they are. Winner gets internet fame and the good fortune of knowing her or his stuff.

Plant #1:
Hint: This creeping vine often grows
near Jewel Weed,
and that's a very good thing for us fleshy folk.

"Plant" Number 2:

Hint: This lovely colony of shelf fungi were growing on two trees right next to each other (you can sort of see the one behind it is covered in them as well), and were approximately 1/2 inch - 3 inches in diameter, with a creamy white top.

Plant # 3:

Hint: This tree has small berries that turn from peachy-
red to deep blue and likes full to partial sun, reading, and long walks on the beach (well, maybe not the last two...).

And for our final, bonus round, correctly identify this tree and I'll send you a postcard or other goody from the road!
Good luck, and may the best botanist win!

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