Saturday, September 26, 2009

Garlic Fest! (Saugerties NY)

I am such the smelly hippie right now.
By which I mean I smell delicious.
Today I went with Evan and his lovely friend Jane to the wonderfully antique-shop-and-used-bookstore-laden town of Saugerties, for the annual Hudson Valley Garlic Festival!

Here's a short list of some -not all- of the foods we tried:
garlic ice cream
garlic and butter pizza
garlic-stuffed olives
garlic-flavored pickles
pickled garlic scapes (three varieties)
pickled garlic cloves (about a bazillion kinds)
garlic scape pesto
garlic and basil pesto
garlicky dips, dips, dips, dips, and more dips (did I mention dips?)
raw garlic (about 6 different kinds)
garlic and marscapone cannolis
garlic and honey infused balsamic vinegar
garlic infused olive oil
garlic jerkey get the idea. By the time we left the fairgrounds and got back in the car, we were so saturated with garlic, I smelled like an Italian restaurant, though that may have something to do with the bag of delicious Spanish Roja garlic bulbs that I bought.
After the Garlic Festival, we went over to Annie and Vlad's place for a while, which was a nice treat - Annie and Vlad are two of Evan's friends that came to visit this summer, and we had a great time down at Hampton Beach playing ski-ball in the arcades and drinking enormous frozen drinks on the second-floor balcony of a skeevy dive bar. It was fantastic.

...I keep sniffing my arm, just to test, and I'm happy to report that I still smell like a breadstick. A really tasty breadstick.
And now I'm kind of hungry again.

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