Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Happy List (Annandale-on-Hudson NY)

I once had this student who carried around lists of her favorite and least-favorite things on the off chance that she'd be asked what they were and be too shy to remember them in the moment.
I'm not that shy, but I do take great pleasure in lists and I keep finding new things that bring me joy, so I figured I'd start my own and see where it takes me.
What would you add to yours? I'm curious...

The Happy List
1. That "just brushed" feeling.
2. Sunshine.
3. Salted caramel.
4. Chipmunks.
5. Wildcrafting.
6.Beach rope.
7. Holding hands with little kids.
8. Poignant songs: Diamonds and Rust (J Baez), God (J Lennon), The Weakness in Me (J Armatrading), Grey (A DiFranco)
9. This comic
10. ...?

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