Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mother Earth Harvest Fair (Spoutwood Farm PA)

So the other day we went to the Mother Earth Harvest Fair, an event that more than lived up to its long-winded subtitle as "A Fun-filled Celebration of Sustainable Living in the Chesapeake Region."
Here we are going:
And here we are coming back:
It was a day filled with more wild-bearded, Wicca-practicing, fairy-winged, drum-circling, face-painted hippie folks than I've seen since I left Vermont (besides Woodstock, of course, which may or may not have actually happened).

I'll post more about it later, but one of the nifty folks there, Christopher Eldridge, wrote a book called Environmental Practices: from living simply to global advancements, and emailed me today to tell me he's going to be interviewed tomorrow on a show called Soft Edge on VoiceAmerica, 7th Wave station.

Anyway, check it out - the book's a great read, and he's a smart guy.
And now they're closing the library, so I'm going home! Ciao-ciao.

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