Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day, Grampy!

ooops, I almost missed Veteran's Day; can you believe it? Since I've still got a few hours left, I want to sneak in a great big "Thank You!" to my beloved Grampy Nat.

Grampy was a Navy Seabee during World War II, and continues to share his stories, artwork, memories, and time with veterans and civilians alike. Creative, stubborn, silly, smart, perfectionistic, passionate, loyal, generous, artistic, and kind (even to his sometimes-vexing granddaughter), Grampy's the Sicilian-blooded patriarch of the family.

Back in World War Two, Grampy was stationed in the South Pacific, where he kept an ongoing "visual diary" through his beautiful, sometime haunting, and always intriguing watercolors. He also kept a running sketchbook -maybe a series of them?- and I remember standing at his knee in the old Massachusetts farmhouse as he opened one up on the kitchen table and showed me page after yellowed page of pencil sketches from a time and place as foreign to me as any fairytale. That was well over twenty years ago, but I still cherish that memory, and send him lots of gratitude, prayers, well-wishes, and love.

Happy Veteran's Day, Grampy!

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