Wednesday, November 11, 2009

White Oaks Adventures (Baton Rouge, LA)

A big "Thank You!" to Sarah, Keith, and the wonderful participants at the Herbal Seminar today, and to the fantastic White Oaks staff who made it all possible. I enjoyed meeting you all (though I suppose I should say "y'all" since I'm in Louisiana!) and spending the day talking, tasting, and sniffing our way through some of the many delicious holiday herbs.
Since several of you asked, here's my favorite Kahlua recipe:

Blackbird's Daughter Kahlua Liquor

3/4 cup organic cane sugar (such as Wholesome Sweeteners, Florida Crystals, etc.)
1/2 cup organic brown sugar (such as Wholesome Sweeteners, Florida Crystals, etc.)
2 cups strongly brewed fair-trade coffee (such as Equal Exchange, etc.)*
1/2 vanilla bean
2 cups vodka (80 proof or higher)
*or substitute 2 tablespoons instant coffee and 2 cups water


Stir together sugars and coffee over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Slice open the vanilla bean and add it to the pot (Note: if the bean is too stiff, use a pair of scissors to cut it into small chunks instead). Add vodka, remove from heat, and cover until cooled - don't let that yummy booze evaporate!
Pour into clean jars or bottles, screw the lids on tight, and hide your proto-liquor somewhere cool and dark where you won't be tempted to "test" it every time you walk past. Leave it alone for at least a month, rebottle if desired, and give as gifts or enjoy it on the rocks, over ice cream, in a White Russian, etc.

Note: The longer this Kahlua sits, the better it gets. My parents still have half a bottle from the first batch I ever made; my mother guards it carefully, but if she lets you try it, you'll be amazed at how smooth the mouthfeel and taste have become.

Enjoy the recipe, and feel free to email me with herbal questions or recipes of your own at, or to talk about placing a special order or hosting an Herbal Evenings party while I'm here in Louisiana!

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