Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Song in Progress (somewhere in Mississippi)

Think Joni Mitchell meets Ani Difranco.

It feels so good
To get my feet back under me on the ground
Now I'm traveling down, down, down
Down South again, don't know when I'll be back home
Back up North, back where I belong
Where I belong (repeat 3x)
And it's been so long since I felt the cold
And I love this car but it's getting old
Love this trip and I love the fun
Taking joy in the setting sun
Take my pleasure in the rising tides
Change of the moon, thought of your eyes
Yeah, I'm twice burned with half a plan
But I got enough food and I need no man
Need no man (repeat 3x)
I do what I can
To be happy without the things I don't need
Letting go of guilt and greed
And those moments of fear that I ride so hard
Shake 'em off shake 'em down open the door and get back in my car
Back in the car (repeat 3x)
The sky's gotten dark
But I've still got a ways to go
Signs flash on a river of road
It's a rare night that I feel this incomplete
With only me in the driver's seat
In the driver's seat (repeat 3x)
The road is sweet
And tough but there're tricks I know
And I want things fast but I'll take 'em slow
Still I want roots and I want them now
Miss the dirt and I miss that town
Don't know if it's where I belong
But I've got time and I've got this song
I've got this song (repeat 4x)
Yeah I take my pleasure in the setting sun
Spinning wheels and what I've begun.

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