Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Products List

Woohoo! Check out the products page for a partial list of available products. Please contact me for custom blends, pricing, etc.... more to follow!

As an aside note, I start my first day at Bloomfield Farm tomorrow, followed by my brother's graduation, so I'll be out of the internet ethers for a few days.

And, in other news, I dried an entire basketful of wisteria blossoms in the dehydrator with the help of my favorite eight-year-old.
"Eight-and-a-half-almost-nine," she corrects me.
"Oh, excuse me," I reply, entirely straight faced. Eightandahalfalmostnine. It is one word, the way she says it; an entirely logical way of describing the liminal and absolutely separate stage that one exists in in the several months preceding an Important Day such as The Day One Finally Turns Nine. Duly noted.
Regarding the wisteria: they came out wonderfully. The scent is a delicate version of the intensely sweet, floral smell of the fresh blossoms (the way Concord grapes taste, I always think), and the color is brilliant; a tad more blue than the fresh blossoms, but with a depth that matches the scent. Lovely.

Wish me luck tomorrow...

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