Friday, May 7, 2010

News and Notes from New England!

Welcome back!
Since blogs (like plants) do require occasional tending, I figured I'd drag myself inside long enough to post a few quick updates:

First and foremost, Blackbird's Daughter will be winging her way back to Vermont for the summer, and bringing with her more herbs and fun than you can say "yum!" to. 
In between farm-work and woods walks, I'll be mixing up batch after batch of sensuous beauty products, decadent teas and treats, and natural medicines - and spreading the seeds of health and joy with everyone who wants to get their hands dirty and their noses happy!

From Green Kids' Parties to "Make-Your-Own" Herbal Evenings to "Kitchen Witch 101" classes and custom consultations, Blackbird's Daughter has the perfect way to add some herbal love to your life. As always, special requests, custom blends, new customers, and curious friends are most welcome, so send an email to and we'll mix up some herbal magic!

Also, I've got a giant order of deliciously inspiring ingredients on the way from Mountain Rose Herb Company, including a variety of exotic clays, essential oils, soothing plant-butters, and nourishing herbs, so if you've been wondering "When is she going to update the products pages?", the answer is "As soon as I get my paws in those boxes!!" (I'm so excited, I feel like a kid at Christmas!)

The arrival of wisteria days and tree frog nights here in New England signals the start of summer, and with it, the end of another beautiful spring-season. For me, Spring is the time to wake up, stretch, and look around with wonder at the cascade of surrounding miracles - and then start dreaming out loud about how to play with them. It's also the time of year when everything seems to happen at a fast-forward pace; nature and life-in-general making up for all those dark and dormant months by packing in more growth and adventure and work than seems possible.
Some personal highlights from the past month include restoring the family Peace Garden in New Hampshire, digging quahogs in Maine (and turning them into "chowdah"), and sleeping out under the stars in the Hudson River Valley - and that doesn't even include returning from Mexico!
Can one tiny season possibly hold anything else? I don't think so, so although summer doesn't "officially" start until mid-June, I'm officially bidding a loving adios to the season of Birth and New Beginnings...
...and extending a gleeful welcome to the season of Growth and Hard Play! Looking forward to sharing the green love,
 Blackbird's Daughter

PS- Wondering where all of these happy greenwitch photos are coming from? They're all courtesy of Mr. Scott P. Yates over at I SPY Creations; thanks Scott!

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