Monday, September 16, 2013

Authentic, Real, and Scary As Hell

It was time: last week I upped my game and bought a selection of local, organic, and high-end alcohols to put many of my local, organic, wild-crafted botanicals in. GULP. (Figuratively. Literally, please sip them.)

This is scary, exciting, and absolutely the right move at the right time. Do I have a huge commission? No. Do I know where I'll sell what I make, or even what I'm going to make with them? Nope, though the impetus was Wild-crafted Bitters, and I've already started that and several other projects with them. Do I have the money saved up to start buying top-shelf (or even middle-shelf) alcohol? Absolutely not!

I DO have the passion, and the skill, and the Goddess-given talent to create beautiful, magical, inspiring and delicious art that changes people's lives when they taste and smell it. And blessings like that need to be shared, just like callings need to be followed. And so here we are!

So this is me upping my game, committing myself even more deeply to this Path that I'm both bound to, and bound to follow. It's me looking the Universe squarely in the eyes and repeating the agreement I signed up for all those years before I was born. It's a little step in an oft-avoided direction - the only direction I really love to take. Forward.

"I believe in what I do. I believe in these plants. My work is quality. I, the plants, and my customers deserve the best ingredients possible."

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