Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hey there - welcome to Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals  - Join the new herbal CSA Rooted Traditionsand visit me on Facebook!

Located on the gorgeous New Hampshire Seacoast, Blackbird's Daughter specializes in custom aromatherapy blends, herbal events, and holistic wellness consultations for individuals and groups.

I started this blog as a haphazard digital travelogue waaaay back in 2009. About to wildcraft my way around the country "to sleep on the ground and eat weeds for four months," I needed a way to chronicle my adventures and share all the fun herbal magic, poetry, and amazing friends I met along the way!

Four months has turned into four years, and life continues to amaze as it unfolds. Feel free to explore the products and workshops pages, or catch up on past adventures, from the Mennonite farms of Pennsylvania to the jungles of Mexico and all the way back home. May you be intrigued, entertained, and inspired to begin your own herbal adventure along with me. Blessings,

Jessica Bellantone, Blackbird's Daughter

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