Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mushroom, Wild Greens, and Buckwheat Noodle Soup (Phoenicia NY)

Contrary to what previous posts might have you believe, I'm not always all about the crazy-unhealthy food. In fact, my first morning after leaving Bard, I made a pretty healthy riverside breakfast:

Mushroom, Wild Greens, and Buckwheat Noodle Soup

1 large handful of wild greens (dandelion, plantain, etc.)
3-4 dried (or fresh) mushrooms, broken into bite-sized pieces
1 small summer squash, sliced
a small handful of udon noodles
instant miso soup
2 cups water

Heat water and mushrooms, covered, to boiling. Stir in miso, add vegetables, and push down noodles until submerged. Simmer, covered, for about 4 minutes, or until the noodles are soft.
As they cool, any left-over noodles will soak up the broth and make a sort of instant casserole, aka lunch, which is more than you can ask of most foods.

Oh, see those super-cute chopsticks? I'm down to one now. As I was climbing down to the river's edge, I lost the other in the current - whoops! It was kind of a nifty accident, though, because I spent the next hour or so whittling a new set that I like even more than the old one.

Some more photos from Phoenicia, NY:

(the view outside my "bedroom" window)

(Morning harvest, clockwise from top: leaves to press, leaves to infuse in oil [mullein], seeds to dry [sunflower], and leaves to steep [lemon balm].)

(post-breakfast; obviously heart-broken over my lost o-miyage)

(bark and leaves in the river - can you see the mask?)

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